July 4, 2010

Touché karaoke?

Credit for these videos to: Kecie and maliciousmandy

"The boys of Touche surprise acoustic lounge with the fans of Twilight saga Eclipse at the Red carpet 6/24/2010 tent city!"

Great news!

Touché just signed with interscope records!

I'm so happy for them and proud of them!

Round of applause for our boys! :P

July 2, 2010

Touché playing warped tour and online accounts have been deleted.

Someone has deleted their myspace, formspring, twitter and youtube.
Currently no one knows who this was, but on facebook Randy said
'My band Touche is play Warped Tour starting Monday!
p.s. thanks to whoever delete all of our s*** online, f***
you.' So by that I can tell you it wasn't anyone in the band.
Currently uploading photos to the gallery. Check in there soon! =D

Jingle Punks Jingle Jam

credit for photos to whoever took them. If you see this comment below and I'll put your name up.
Sorry I haven't updated this site much lately!
I've been pretty busy.
I would just like to say, if any of you have met touché or have any photos you'd like for me to put up, send them to or just send me a link to them.
Thank you.

June 13, 2010

June 8, 2010


(rough mix)Hope... I'll Drink To That by Touche

Touche have put a song up on their Myspace!
(rough mix) Hope...I'll drink to that.

June 6, 2010

Touché Shirts!

By them here: